Our fine print in bold

– our Terms and Conditions for our Hotel Nanny & Business Babysitter Service

Our conditions (01/2024)

  • For the first three hours booked (minimum booking a day) we charge € 50,00 per hour. For each additional booked hour the amount of € 40,00. From the third hour booked the minimum billable unit is 30 minutes. This means that in case of a started hour not the entire hour but only the started half hour will be charged.
  • In order to ensure that our nannies get home safely again we charge a taxi flat rate of € 25,00 in case of the start or end (each) of the childcare time after 11 pm.

Further conditions

  • Express requests (for bookings within 12 hours before the booked start of the childcare) plus € 69,00
  • Overnight or (extra) day flat rate on request.
  • Holiday surcharge: From December 23rd until January 2nd, as well as on every public holiday – plus 25%.

Cancellation fee

  • Our fees for cancellations up to 24 hours are 50% of the booked time, for cancellations thereafter 100% of the booked time. Bookings over more than one day are considered as one booking.
  • To be valid, a cancellation can only be sent by email to hotelnanny@diebabysitterei.com.
  • Requests for changes to the booking can only be submitted in writing to hotelnanny@diebabysitterei.com and need to be confirmed in writing by All about your Nanny GmbH.

Billing and Payment

  • Our service will finally be charged afterwards, based on the services provided – but at least for the amount of the initial booking, taking into account any cancellations made in a timely manner. We will send the relevant invoice including our bank details by email to the email address provided.
  • We offer payment via PayPal or credit card, but we have to charge a fee of +3.5% in the EU, UK +5%, all other countries +6% on the invoice amount. The corresponding fee has to be added to the invoice amount.


  • Our nannies are registered and insured with us – this is done through our agency. Likewise we have a liability insurance for the time of service of our nannies.